I have so much tumbling around in my brain right now that I’m not sure how cohesive this blog is going turn out.  Let’s all just pretend we’re at a laundromat watching clothes in a dryer and whatever comes up – comes up.  mmmkay?

First item up is a new pair of jeans that don’t quite fit as well as you’d hoped.  I started a new job today.  And I hate it.  I am aware that I have a tendancy to get anxious over change.  This isn’t anxiety.  At all.  I really felt like I was one step away from chaos all day.  I cannot work in an environment like that.  It wasn’t even noon when I knew that I would be giving my notice.

Next item up is an old ratty pair of undies that should’ve been in the trash years ago.  I feel so guilty quitting this job.  The class I’m working in hasn’t had a “teacher” yet this year.  All they’ve had is substitutes so the class is struggling to settle into the new year.  I’m just one more change to deal with.  The principal and 5th grade staff are going to have to start over trying to find a qualified Title I aid. 

Last item up is a kid’s sock.  I know that I need to do what’s best for me and for my family.  This job puts a strain on my family’s schedule.  Not to mention that I came home completely drained.  Not just physically – being on my feet all day was killer – but emotionally drained.  We’ve had a lot of growth and change in our family in recent months.  Good growth and change 🙂  I love that I enjoy my kids and I enjoy the little routines we’ve established.  I don’t know why I settled for a job that sacrifices those things.

Wait a minute – what’s that?!  That’s not my mumu.  How embarrassing.  Tomorrow morning I get the dubious honor of giving my notice.  I know I’m doing what’s best but it still sucks.


2 responses to “Laundry

  • zanne

    i think it’s great that you know so soon that this is wrong, and that you have the guts to be done with it NOW, rather than sitting in that mushy “well, i committed, so i have to keep going” or, “well, you never know… it might get better, maybe we’ll adjust, i should give it some time”. not you.

    you are bravely, boldly, BRILLIANTLY doing the right thing.

    you go, girl.

  • mm0204

    Good luck, Andi… I will be praying for you today as you are dealing with this… Be well

    Matty the Stranger

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