Nope, no Kool-aid… just dusty hymnals.

We came.  We saw.  We left.

I’m not sure where to start.  I suppose at the beginning. 

It was a cute church.  Pretty white steeple, purple stained glass windows, teal pews.  Our youngest was begging to go to church from the moment she woke up so it was no surprise when she marched off into the preschool class without a backwards glance.  There was only childcare for K and under so the other two stayed with us in worship. 

I grew up in a Methodist church.  I’m used to hymnals, accolytes, choirs, rituals etc…  My husband – when he did attend church growing up – it was a Catholic church.  While it’s not my style any more I do have fond memories of church growing up.  My hubby – not so much.

The church we checked out this morning is a Southern Baptist church.  (Hey – we were open minded)  It brought back many memories for me.  I enjoyed singing old hymns to an upbeat tempo.  My hubby yawned his way through.  Everyone was so friendly and we were genuinely greeted by several people during the meet ‘n’ greet time.  The sermon was based on Joshua chapter 7.  The reverend was very passionate and did a great job relating the message to daily life.  My daughters both said they liked the church.  (Although the oldest may have been swayed by the purple windows.  They were really cool.)  The men in the family had other opinions. 

The service at the church we had been going to before is only 45 minutes long.  There was nothing wrong with the service or the church but it all felt very rushed.  Kind of like “I don’t really have time for church but I can squeeze this in if they hurry”.  While I don’t think the church we checked out today is destined to become our home church I am glad that we went.  It felt good to be a part of a service where it felt like the people were there to worship, to learn and to fellowship – not just cram it in before the big game on t.v. started.


3 responses to “Nope, no Kool-aid… just dusty hymnals.

  • littletiger

    Too bad it’s not your new home church – I know – there’s this great church you can attend – you’d have to move to do it – but it’s in Phoenix Arizona – and I’m SURE you would like it! Hint hint!!! LOLLL

  • Dan

    “…Then all Israel stoned him, and after they had stoned the rest, they burned them. Over Achan they heaped up a large pile of rocks, which remains to this day. Then the LORD turned from his fierce anger. Therefore that place has been called the Valley of Achor ever since.”

    Who says there are no happy endings in the Bible?



  • mm0204

    Keep praying and keep searching… God has something for you, I believe it!

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