Does God post in the want ads?

We’re going to go check out a new church tomorrow.  Surprisingly my anxiety hasn’t kicked in.  Then again, I still have 15 hours to go.  I don’t know though, this feels different.  I hope it is.  Their website had very little information so I really don’t know what to expect.  Maybe that’s why I’m not anxious – it’s all a big surprise.  Except I hate surprises*.

I think the reason I feel more relaxed about this church is because I didn’t pick it out.  I feel like the urge to check out this church came from the One who knows what we need.  I was thumbing through the employment section of the local newspaper when I came across an ad for a position at a local church.  Several hours after putting the paper in the recycle that ad was still on my mind.  A call to ministry, me?!  I really don’t know.  What I am sure about is that we need to go check out the church.

*The only acceptable surprise is “Hi Friend, I’m at the airport.  Come pick me up!”


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