Lazy Saturday

Today is the perfect lazy day.  It’s warm outside with a nice cool breeze.  Neighbors are mowing their lawns and the smell of fresh cut grass is carried in through the open window.  Boys are out riding their bikes and showing off their wheely skills.  Girls are playing in secret clubhouses and donning stylish sunglasses.  The homemade popsicles are almost frozen.

I love days like today.  It takes me back to the simplicity of childhood.  Playing outside all day with neighborhood kids or on my own, lost in my own imagination. 

The house we had in Minnesota had a big backyard.  Big enough that my dad had a riding lawnmower – complete with trailer.  I have fond memories of either my dad or older brother towing me around the yard… driving zig-zag to knock me over, tumbling in the trailer and laughing. 

 All through my childhood my parents had English Springer Spaniels.  They were kept in a fenced kennel but we let them out often to romp in the yard with us.  My dad used them to hunt and I remember laying in the grass and watching him train the dogs to fetch without tearing up the “birds”.  The best is when they would have a litter of puppies.  The warm, squirming bodies with pink noses were so cute.

I remember all too well playing in the “woods” with my friends.  We would build our secret clubhouses and play house for hours.    When we would get hot we’d turn on the old fashion sprinkler and run through the spray of icy water.    Rarely would we choose to play indoors.  And even more rare was the occasion that we would sit and watch t.v.  That was strictly for Saturday morning cartoons.

These are the memories that I want for my children.  When I turn off the t.v. and usher them out the backdoor I hope that they will look back on days like today and it will bring a smile to their face.  They will remember coming in at dusk, dusty and dirty and smelling like sweaty little kids, tired from a hard day of playing.  They will be compelled to send their own kids outside to make memories of their own.


One response to “Lazy Saturday

  • littletiger

    What a wonderful picture you painted – it took me back to my childhood in Iowa – I had the same thing – you never stayed inside unless it was raining – and even then you might be out in the mud playing in the rain. Thanks for that wonderful memory! Tracy

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