Sweet relief

He flew through the door yesterday and announced, “I have three new best friends and I’m going back tomorrow!”

He did, indeed, go back to school this morning.  He was happy and excited.  Not even a backwards glance as he boarded the bus. 

The littlest one grabbed her lunchbox and trotted off to the bus stop with the big kids.  Yeah, no one will notice this little three year old trying to slip onto the bus.  Nice try kid.  At least she willingly came back home with us.  I don’t know that I up to dragging another unhappy kid.

She’s content to sit at the table and play with her Play-Doh.  She loves to mix the colors and see the swirls and interesting new colors she’s formed.  One of the containers she opened had a caveman waiting inside.  That’s another favorite activity – hiding toys in the Play-Doh.  She’s sitting here rolling out her dough and talking to her caveman.  I had no idea she was fluent in cavemanese. 

“This.  Garbage.” *grunt, grunt*  “I.  Throw.  Away.”  *more grunting*

I think that moments of pure entertainment like this are created so that later, when they’ve decided to scoop out all of your deodorant with their finger and smear it on their body, you don’t eat them.


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