Just when I thought it was safe

No need to dig out your black clothes or start on the obituary.  I survived yesterday’s mission.  In fact, I pretty much just stood there and said, “Take that one and that one – no, no the big one back there.”

Ever see that movie Final Destination?  Some kids cheated death and so it hunted them down one by one.  Apparently since I didn’t really complete the mission yesterday I was given a much harder one today.

The two older kids had their back-to-school physicals this morning.  It was our first time to that doctor’s office and it was great.  The staff was friendly and on-time.  The doctor was thorough and actually listened (and did something) about my concerns for my daughter’s wandering eye.

After the appointment we took the kids to their schools.  They’re both in elementary school but they attend different schools.  The schools in our district are pre-K thru 2nd, 3rd thru 5th, and 6th thru 8th.  My daughter started school on Tuesday but my son’s school wouldn’t let him attend until after his physical.  So my hubby signed in our daughter and I signed in our son. 

My son has grown and changed a lot in the last couple of years.  He used to be extremely shy.  Being in Sunday school and then starting Kindergarten helped him come out of his shell.  Then we moved across the country.  He’s reverted back to being shy.  That doesn’t really describe it acurately.  He didn’t just revert – he hightailed it back and embraced it like he never left!  We didn’t push the issue with Sunday School.  After what happened today, maybe we should have.

I took him to his class just as they were lining up for a bathroom break.  The teacher recognized him and was excited to see him, as was the rest of his class.  He, on the other hand, acted as though the teacher was a knife wielding monster.  He hid behind me as fat tears slid down his face.  She said that she would take the class on their break and I was welcome to stay in the classroom and help my son settle in.  He cried almost the entire time and said he didn’t want to go to school – he’d go tomorrow.  Yeah, right.  I let him know that when the class returned I’d be leaving.  He only had 2 1/2 hours of school left and I’d see him at home.  The class returned and as soon as the doorway was clear he flew into the hallway.  Since our previous experience with shydom left him quiet and immobile I was completely unprepared for him to bolt and to play tug-of-war with him in the hallway.

The teacher was beautiful and stepped right in.  I think she deserves some chocolate!  She took him firmly by the hand, pried his other hand off of the door jam and pulled him into the classroom.  Under her breath she told me goodbye and proceeded to drag him into the classroom while telling him about what a wonderful class it is and what they would be doing.  (And, yes, I do mean forcibly drag.)  I left before he could make a run for it and glomp onto my legs.

I didn’t want his first day of school to be like this.  I know he’s scared and it’s all new and different.  But I know that he will adjust.  He will make new friends and learn new things this year.  I have confidence in him.  It’s because I love him so much that I was able to turn and walk away.


One response to “Just when I thought it was safe

  • littletiger

    It’s hard for me to imagine S- like this – the bright out-going boy who always welcomed us into the house for small group – I hope tomorrow is soooooo much better for him – we’ll keep him in our prayers.

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