Woot, woot

SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!!  Ahem, I mean, school starts tomorrow.  Sorry for shouting.  I’m just a wee-bit happy.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s been nice spending the summer with my kids day-in and day-out while my hubby slumbers away.  But this has been an extra long summer for them and right about now I could use a break.  I’ll still have the little one at home with me but she does well playing on her own.

Most of the time.

Yesterday she approached me carrying two My Little Ponies and in her sweet little voice asked, “Play with me Mommy.”  So I sat on the floor and trotted my little pink plastic pony around.  Apparently I had the wrong version of imaginary play going on because she busted out Rambo Pony and proceeded to try and smash my pony into the carpet.  No matter how gentle I tried to play she was determined to maim my pony.  I think, perhaps, she’s been playing with her older brother a little too much.

She doesn’t realize she’s only three.  In her mind she’s right up there in age with her sister or at least with her brother.  I like that they try to include her in their play.  But there are times that I can tell she misses having friends her own age.  (quick sidenote:  upon hearing that we were moving far away one of her little friends said “why does god have to make far away places?”)  I’m thinking that it’s time to find a pre-school.  We can’t really afford it unless I get steady income – which I’m trying to do.  There are churches on every corner with banners proclaiming “Enrollment for Preschool” so the issue won’t be trying to find a pre-school – it will be narrowing down which one.


I’m excited about the kids going to school but I’m nervous for them too.  This will be the first year they’ve ridden a bus to school.  *what if they get off at the wrong stop?!* And this will be the first year they’ve had to find their class on their own.  *what if they can’t find it or hide in the bathroom?!*  And, by request, they are bringing their lunches to school.  *what if they lose their milk money or forget to bring their lunchbags home?!*  *what if they’re teased or left out because they’re new*  Because all of the friends they’ve made this summer are in different grades.  Despite all of my worries, I put on a happy face and soothe their fears.

I just hope they don’t look out the back window of the bus. 


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