Monthly Archives: September 2007

It is good

It seems that the Zicam is holding the cold right at the brink.  If this is as bad as it gets – I’m okay with that.  Apparently the Zicam has done nothing for my brain though.  I cracked up laughing at all of your comments!  Zanne – um, I meant to say the car would get good gas mileage if it was running.  But it did make for a good joke!  Matt – chicken noodle soup is muy bueno.  Just don’t tell the chickens.  Jaime – two weeks sounds about right…

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You teach your children to share…

One of the first things we teach our children, when they are old enough, is to share.  Share your toys, share the crayons, share your cookies.  When did we ever teach them to share their cold?!

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Is it really failure if you learn from it?

I read this blog this morning and it got me thinking.  My children are entirely their own entities with their own strengths and weaknesses.  I started thinking about how they deal with successes and failures and what am I doing as their parent to help them mature and grow in these areas.

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I have so much tumbling around in my brain right now that I’m not sure how cohesive this blog is going turn out.  Let’s all just pretend we’re at a laundromat watching clothes in a dryer and whatever comes up – comes up.  mmmkay?

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Nope, no Kool-aid… just dusty hymnals.

We came.  We saw.  We left.

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Does God post in the want ads?

We’re going to go check out a new church tomorrow.  Surprisingly my anxiety hasn’t kicked in.  Then again, I still have 15 hours to go.  I don’t know though, this feels different.  I hope it is.  Their website had very little information so I really don’t know what to expect.  Maybe that’s why I’m not anxious – it’s all a big surprise.  Except I hate surprises*.

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Now serving C230…

We spent the morning hanging out at the DMV because, really, what’s more fun than that?!  It took an hour and a half to get to C240.  We brought our little clipboards and our carefully filled out forms up to the counter.  A rather chipper gal helped us with our vision test and getting our data entered.  The final portion of the form has to be verified by a supervisor.  As in – she has to stand there and listen to the DMV clerk ask if we are US Citizens.  Seems rather silly to me. 

Once that was completed we headed over to the photo counter.  I was a little reluctant about this step.  We had to surrender our AZ license.  I absolutely loved my picture on my AZ driver’s license.  Amazing, but true.  Farewell good picture.  I was sure that I was doomed to get a gross picture.  Before I was prepared he snapped the picture.  Oh dread.  Two minutes later I was handed my new license.  It’s not too bad.  A little shiny but I remembered to put on lipstick and I actually look like I have eyebrows.  The one good thing about this license?  They don’t put your weight on it for all to see!


In completely unrelated news.  My son brought home a permission slip yesterday.  From his PE teacher.  As part of their regular Physical Education program they have the opportunity to participate in the city’s instructional swim program.  Did you catch that?!  As part of the elementary school’s PE program they are giving swimming lessons!  Five days of lessons, 1/2 hour each.  I signed the permission slip even though my son can swim like a fish.  What I want to know is why don’t they do this in Phoenix – especially since there are so many child drownings each year?!