Before I get too far into my blog…. would ya’ll do me a favor?  If you have kids would you please read my story to them and let me know their reaction?  You’ll get a thousand bonus points!  Thanks!

I am the youngest child of three and in some ways an only child.  My brother and sister are nine and eleven years older than me.  They both moved out when they were 18 so I spent the majority of my childhood as a single child. 

I never had to share my room or my toys.  I never tattled or fought with them.  I didn’t have a co-conspirator or anyone to blame when something got broken.  There was no sibling rivalry.  All of which really leaves me with nothing to draw upon in this parenting gig I signed up for.

It’s interesting to watch my children interact with each other.  I love seeing them helping each other or chosing to share their treasures.  What’s hard for me is to know what’s normal and what’s over-the-line.  I think I’m doing okay though – so far no one has been hospitalized. 

Co-dependency issues aside, my siblings and I are great friends.  We get along well and enjoy doing similar things together.  We’ve all been there for each other – through a divorce, an affair, an abortion, a serious car accident, cancer, financial support and other smaller ups and downs of life.  I feel blessed to have siblings that I like and enjoy.  I do hope and pray that my kids will grow up to be great friends.   


One response to “Siblings

  • Tracy

    I have to admit that my sisters and I didn’t become friends until we were much older – I was 2-1/2 years older than my sister Kerry and we became friends finally when we were in college – after she died – my sister Heidi and I became friends but it took a while – we’re almost 7 years apart in age. But I love her and am glad that we have the friendship we do now.

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