Here goes nothing…

My goal in blogging is to practice writing.  While I have been writing I haven’t exactly been practicing the type of writing that I would like to persue, which is writing for children.

See Jane.
Jane is co-dependent.
Can you say co-de-pen-dent?

Yeah, somehow that just doesn’t come out sounding right.  I suppose I ought to get around to practicing actual stories for children.  If only I had a place online that I could practice and get feedback from my friends….  well looky here….  this handy dandy BLOG! 

Before I get started let me give you some background (and I can stall a little bit more).  A long time ago I used to babysit two little girls every week while their mother went to choir rehearsal.  Watching them was always a blast and we did a lot of fun stuff.  Until bedtime.  Both of these girls were (and still are 😉 a bit head strong and neither one wanted to go to bed.  Of course not, who wants to go to bed when I’m around?!  I finallly figured out a bribery tactic that worked.  I agreed to write them a story that they could read in the morning.  The sooner they went to bed the longer I would have to write.  Most of the time it worked like a charm.  And that’s the birth story of The Adventures of Andi the Pandi and Jaime and Niki, too!  Andi the Pandi is a stuffed animal that comes alive and has all sorts of adventures with the girls.  So without further ado…. 

The Grand Birthday Adventure

Andi the Pandi woke up with a big stretch.  She lay in her bed anticipating what sorts of adventures she would have today.  With a jump she popped out bed and went into the kitchen.  She was hoping for pancakes and bacon but there was no one cooking.  In fact, there was no one in the kitchen at all.  That’s funny, she thought, where is everyone?   Searching the rooms in the house she finally found Jaime and Niki in a bedroom whispering quietly.  
“Good morning!” exlaimed Andi the Pandi.
Both girls jumped and turned bright red.
“Oh!  Hi.”  stammered Jaime.
“What are you up to?  Are you planning an adventure for us today?”
Niki was the first to answer, “Nothing!  We aren’t doing anything.  Nothing at all.”
“Maybe we could go to the park today.” suggested Andi the Pandi.
The girls looked at each other before Jaime replied, “Actually, we thought maybe you’d like to go visit some friends today.”
“Absolutely!  Perhaps we could visit Shannon and Elanore the Elephant or Greg, Billy and Manny the Monkey.”  Andi the Pandi was so excited about visiting her friends that she didn’t see the girls exchange another look.
Jaime hesitantly said, “We were thinking that maybe you’d like to visit your friends on your own.”
“On my own?”
“We would come with but we have, um, Stuff to do.” said Niki.
“Very Important Stuff.” added Jaime.
Andi the Pandi thought about it for a minute and then said “I can help you with the Very Important Stuff and then we could all go!”
Once more the girls looked at each other and neither one seemed to know what to say.  Just then the phone rang.  Relieved, Jaime ran to answer it.
“Andi the Pandi it’s for you.” she called.
“For me?”  Andi the Pandi didn’t often get phone calls.  She was delighted as she lifted the phone to her ear.  It was a Teddy called Tamara and she was inviting her to visit the beach.  Teddy Tamara’s family was going to spend the morning collecting shells and had room for just one friend to come along.  Now Andi the Pandi didn’t feel so bad visiting friends all alone and leaving Jaime and Niki behind to do Very Important Stuff.  Quickly she packed a tote with her flip flops, a towel and a bottle of sunscreen.  Grabbing her sunglasses she waved goodbye to Jaime and Niki.
Andi the Pandi was excited to be going on her very own adventure.  Still, she was sad that Jaime and Niki weren’t going to be having any fun doing their Very Important Stuff.
I hope they’ll be done by the time I get home so we can all play with the seashells I’ll bring home, thought Andi the Pandi.
It was a perfect morning at the beach.  The sun was shining, the sand was warm and the water was cool.  Andi the Pandi found many different kinds of shells.  Her favorite was a large smooth pink shell.  She couldn’t wait to share them with Jaime and Niki.  Her tummy was starting to rumble when Teddy Tamara announced it was time to go home.  Andi the Pandi thought it would’ve been fun to have had a picnic on the beach but since none of them had thought of it before they left home that morning they had no choice but to pack up and head home.  Andi the Pandi noticed that Teddy Tamara seemed to be more excited about going home than she had been about going to the beach. 
Maybe she’s just really hungry, thought Andi the Pandi.
When they pulled up in front of Jaime and Niki’s house Teddy Tamara offered to help carry in all of the seashells that Andi the Pandi had collected.  They each grabbed a pail and walked up to the door.  Andi the Pandi turned the knob…
“SURPRISE!” shouted Jaime, Niki, Shannon, Elanore the Elephant, Greg, Billy, Manny the Monkey and Teddy Tamara.
Shocked, Andi the Pandi asked, “What’s this?  What’s going on?”
“It’s your birthday silly!” answered Niki.
“Don’t tell me you forgot.” said Jaime.
She had forgotten indeed!  What a surprise this was!  All of Andi the Pandi’s friends had decorated the house with balloons and streamers.  There was punch and peanut butter and honey sandwiches – her very favorite.  And of course there was a yummy looking birthday cake.
With a big smile Andi the Pandi said “Thank you!  Thank you so much!  This is a Grand Birthday!”


2 responses to “Here goes nothing…

  • Tracy

    Andi – AWESOME story!!!! I truly enjoyed it – I can’t wait to make up stories for my kids when I have them!

  • jaime

    YEA!!! I’ve been waiting for so long for a new one…its super great! I still love Andi the Pandi stories so much! I can just see the illustrations in my head and they just take me back…

    *melancholy sigh*

    love you…

    p.s…doesn’t andi the pandi sleep in a trunk at the foot of jaime’s bed? i’ve gotta call my sister and see if i can get ahold of those old stories…

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