I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday.  We had a crazy storm blow in and, as protocol, we lost power.  I’m starting to wonder what exactly are our power lines made out of here?  And what is holding them up?  If we get some wind and a little rain *POOF* – power goes out.  Which sets of a chain reaction after the power comes back up.  Heaven forbid that the cable work after the powers been out.  I think it sees the power outtage as nap time.  The t.v. cable will usually come back first and it will have an odd flicker to it.  Eventually the phone and internet will decide to shake off the slumber and join the t.v. in functioning.  And if we really have a whopper of a storm…. we get to repeat all that.

Yesterday’s storm was pretty strong but it was short lived.  It headed north and screwed up airline travel for awhile.  My mom was on her way here and was stuck on the tarmac in Atlanta for an hour and a half.  The plane from there to here is one of those little prop jobs with the tiny seats.  Poor Mom.  She arrived safely (finally!).  The kids had been counting the hours until her arrival and had prepared a birthday surprise for her – complete with the little one singing her own version of the birthday song. 

I have more to tell you about my reaction to seeing my mom yesterday but that’s going to have to wait until tomorrow’s post.  It’s 9 a.m. and everyone is still asleep.  I have the whole house to myself and I plan on enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the rain.


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