Love Sunday: he's wonderful

We’re having another Love Sunday!!!

When we moved we went from a nice big walk-in closet to a tiny little closet.  I admit that I have a lot of clothes.  There was no way that all of our clothing was going to fit in that tiny closet.  Which meant that our bedroom has had a bag of clothes, a box of shoes and a few laundry baskets full of clothes cluttering up the room.  The space between our son’s room and our bedroom is all closet; half was our closet, half was his.  And the whole thing is made out of wood.

We decided to steal his closet.

Bwah, ha, ha, haaaaa!  No, we’re not evil.  He actually had two closets in his room.  He’s a small boy.  He doesn’t need two closets.  I do.

My wonderful hubby figured out that he could take off the wall on our side (the back of my son’s closet), trim it down, and nail it back on the other side.  Effectively stealing the closet.  Of course once he took the wall off he realized there was no getting it out of the bedroom because it was too big.  We made quite a sight (and a mess) cutting it inside my son’s room.  My hubby used the saw while I used the vacuum! 

We also realized there was wasted space behind our door.  There was enough scrap wood to build matching shelves.  Now we have two closets and three new shelves.  And the best part is… the only money we spent was for a pack of screws!


(you can click on the pictures to see them bigger)  The closet on the right is the original master bedroom closet.  (See how tiny it is?!)  The closet in the middle is the stolen closet.  The new shelves are on the left.  Eventually we’ll hang curtains to hide it all but for now – it’s wonderful!! 
And the rest of the room is now clutter free!



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