It's official…

…we’re rednecks!

I just looked out the window and our three year old is running around outside without shoes or pants.

I’m learning quite a bit about Virginia – or at least this corner of it.  I expected to be greeted with heavy accents.  Sadly, not too many people I’ve met have a Southern drawl.  Drivers are very polite and patient on the road.  They don’t have many “suicide lanes” here so people turning left stop traffic.  No one get impatient and honks or swerves around in a fit of anger.  And blinkers here really do work… Trying to merge?  Put on your blinker and THEY LET YOU IN.  I’ve also learned that they don’t lock up their spray paint in stores.  Looking around town I’d be hardpressed to find any graffiti though.  I love that just about everyone is friendly.  People will stop to chat with you in the middle of the produce department or the parking lot.  Of course my kids still have AZ blood in their veins and they just stare at the person trying to figure out why the heck this person is talking to them.

I’m sure there’s a darker side to this town but since we’re still in our honeymoon phase we have yet to see it.  I’m glad that we moved and I’m glad that we’re learning a new way of life.  I’m so thankful that God has blessed us through this entire experience.  I can only imagine what our future holds for our family here. 


One response to “It's official…

  • zanne


    i too have loved settling in to a new place, thankful for God’s leading us here, and expectant for the future…

    and i’m learning, even in august, to take a jacket with me when we go out at night. now, that’s just WEIRD.

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