Never a dull moment

My future daughter-in-law had better have patience and a good sense of humor.  My son’s nocturnal activities have always been a bit unusual.  And lately they have been nothing short of bizarre.

When he was a toddler he used to wake up screaming.  After consulting our doctor we learned that he was having night terrors.  I don’t remember how frequently it would happen, I can only recall a few instances.  Our doctor told us it was okay to let him cry or we could wake him up.  There was no way we could let him shriek in the middle of the night – not if any of us wanted to sleep.  Plus it was heartbreaking to hear him cry like that.  Typically it’s very difficult to wake up someone with night terrors.  The only way we found that worked was to toss him up in the air and catch him.  That sounds horrible but I promise we haven’t scarred him for life.

When he got a little older he had a hard time staying in bed.  Hmmm, sounds like another child I know.  He was smart though.  He would sneak out of bed and find a place to hide.  And the boy could hide right out in the open.  We would discover his empty bed and start looking.  Frequently we would walk right past him and he would remain completely still.

That went on for a year or two and then suddenly he decided that sleeping was a good idea.  We’d tuck him in bed and he’d flip some secret internal switch and he’d instantly fall asleep.  He’s still in that stage.  It’s great.  Except I’m not sure that he knows how to flip the switch back the other way. 

Our new home has a basement.  Which means we have stairs.  There is a door at the top of the stairs which we keep open because the basement is home to the litterbox.  About a week after moving in my hubby and I were in the living room and the kids were in bed.  Luckily my hubby saw my son coming down the hall and got to him just as he was about to head down the stairs.  Now I don’t know if he would’ve walked down the stairs or fallen.  Considering that he was trying to find the bathroom (which is straight across from his room) I don’t think he would’ve expected the steps so I think he would’ve taken a tumble. 

Last night he had another episode.  I went into his room to turn off his lava lamp and I found him sitting up in bed.  I asked him if he had to go to the bathroom and he nodded.  Then he turned his head and spit on his bed.  (ooookay) He made it out of his room and into the bathroom where he stood facing the toilet.  When I realized he wasn’t doing anything I prompted him…
“lift up the lid” 
He did.
“pull down your undies”
He did.
“sit down”
He did.  (Yes, I made him sit.  If he can’t find the bathroom at night I’m not going to trust him to aim at the toilet!)
“are you done?”
He nodded and stood up.
“pull up your undies”
He did.
“close the lid”
He did.
“flush the toilet”
He reached out and grabbed the wipies off of the back of the toilet.  He took one out and looked at me.
“what are you doing?”
He burst into tears.
I hustled him back into bed and tucked him in.  After he nodded to let me know that he was ok (even though he was still crying) he snuggled down into his bed and instantly fell asleep.

I have no idea what that was all about.  He doesn’t remember any of it.  I’m thinking about installing running lights from his bed to the toilet.  Although I’m not sure it would help.


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