A friend of mine blogged about this blog.  The actual words of the blog, I am sure, made an excellent point.  I may even go back and ponder them.  What really hit me though was the photograph of the child. 

I am disgusted that we, as a human race, have so neglected our fellow man.  I was sitting here crying “poor me” because I can’t afford airfare back to Phoenix to see my friends.  It was my choice to move here.  What choice do starving children have?!  Our culture is so absorbed in the things of this world rather than the things of eternal value.  It’s ugly and we don’t want to look at it.  We’d rather focus on whether or not Brit will keep her kids or if Lindsay will really kick her habit or if Ms. Ritchie will get married before her belly shows. 

I was watching Dog (the bail bondsman in Hawaii) and I never knew that he’s a Christian.  He was asked to speak at a convention of bondsman.  Let me paraphrase what he had to say to them.  He said that one day we will have to answer to Him and He’s going to ask “Who did you talk to for Me?”  And when you reply “Who was I supposed to talk to?”  He’s going to give you back your bondsman rap sheet.  Every person Dog goes after he tries to give hope to and to share God’s love with them.

I’m afraid of the day that I stand before my Savior and He will ask me that same question.  Because I know I haven’t done all that He has called me to do.  Not when I can look around and see the hunger and the hurt and the lost… 


4 responses to “disgust

  • Rachel

    Don’t be afraid of that day when He asks you? Have you read the purpose driven life? God wants you to pass that test and he gives you opportunities you haven’t even realized you already passed. You have been a major inspiration for me and I’m sure you don’t know the whole reason why. One day I’ll be able to tell you, just know that when you are doing your best you help me see a more positive future.

  • jaime


    this has pangs of what i’m preaching about on the 26th…crazy.

  • Rachel

    where are you preaching and how can I get a copy?

  • Tracy

    Andi – you make me think a lot about what I do in my life – that picture is a familiar one – I saw children like that first hand in Kenya when I lived there – and I always felt like I didn’t do enough. God calls us to help the little children – but not just the poor or disadvantaged – we’re called to help them all – and you do that in so many different ways. You will be able to answer God when you meet Him – because you will have helped those you can.

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