Show me the MONEY!

I opened my first checking account when I was 17.  Since then I have been a customer of several different banks.  Some of the switches were because I was disgusted with a particular bank and other times it was because my bank was just mediocre.  The bank we’re using now I found through my sister.  She was using WM and had only nice things to say.  So we switched over.  And we LOVED it.  Great online features, very friendly cashiers and even a play area for the kids for those times we had to go inside.

Then we moved across the country.

Our Phx bank does have ATM’s here but we can’t use those to deposit money.  And you know how picky they are about withdrawing money and not putting any back in 😉  There are a couple of local banks that are close to our home.  We finally decided on one because it was the one that issues my honey’s checks.  We figured it would make it easier to cash checks and to set up direct deposit.  We’ll call this bank Blabobia. 

Setting up the account was very simple.  Our checks were even free.  I can dig that.  All the people were friendly.  Even remembered us the next time we came in.  Life was great.  Until we went to deposit my hubby’s paycheck.  Like most people he gets paid on Friday.  He took the check in and they told him it wouldn’t post to our account until Tuesday.  Um, ok.  The check is issued from them and it’s being deposited at their bank.  It’s really going to take three business days to clear?!  And it’s not like the check was issued by a mom ‘n’ pop store either. 

Now here’s the real kicker.  We can cash the check.  And then deposit the cash.  And it posts to our account immediately. 

We’ve kept our WM account open and we are running back!  I don’t have time to play games with our bank.


2 responses to “Show me the MONEY!

  • Rachel

    If this bank Blabobia sounds anything like the real name, they are a horrendous bank. I had the opportunity to sign w/ them in Georgia once and I’m so glad I didn’t. They have a terrible reputation. Look for articles written about them on in the search section. I don’t have WaMu either, however I have heard only good things from people who use it. Keep writing, you’re doing a fantabulous job!

  • Dana

    We have WaMu and we like it. We have not had any problems with them. I am enjoying your stories.

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