Love Sunday: Grumpus Maximus

We interupt “My Staff” to bring you an extra edition of “Love Sunday”: 

I woke up grumpy this morning.  It was a mix of things… staying up too late the night before, not sleeping soundly, dreams in which I was angry and finally, being woken up by not-so-quiet kids.  Whatever the cause… I was grumpy.  My hubby was already up and in the shower.  When he came back into the bedroom I must have given him the evil eye because he backed up a few paces. 

He did what he had to do to save his skin.  He fled the scene.

Actually, he rounded up the kids, packed up some water bottles and whisked them all off to the park.  He made it clear that I was to have some ME time while they were gone.  Bonus points!

I took the loooooongest, hottest shower.  All by myself.  No kids popping into the bathroom announcing they had to go poop or coming in to sling back the shower curtain and announce some atrocious misdeed done by a sibling that just couldn’t wait until I was out of the shower.  No, none of that.  ….  a nice long peaceful shower ….

It was exactly what I needed.  And I think it was exactly what the kids needed too.

And how did I repay him when he returned from the park as I was just getting out of the shower?  Why, I flashed him of course!


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