"Hey baby what's your Patronus?"

I have emerged from the world of Harry Potter.  I’m still processing all the bits and pieces of it.  It’s an excellent read.

I have a head full of HP right now so I won’t attempt to blog anything worthy of reading.  Perhaps later after my head has cleared….


One response to “"Hey baby what's your Patronus?"

  • Rachel

    WooHOo! Now you’re talking my language! (actually, you have been all along) Friday, July 20th I drove the girls to the Borders at the Superstition mall to get our place in line, then we drove to Tucson to pick up our nephew Marcus and drove back to Phx just in time to pack up Matthew the kids and I for the midnight book release. I was in the first group to get my book but Marcus was in the last group. I picked up my book and we sensibly (sp) drove to Walmart and picked his up before we got home just before 2:00 am. I love HP7. Rowling did a words-don’t-do-it-justice job!!

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