TGIF and I have HP#7

I’m a little distracted right now.  I have a brand new book upstairs that’s calling my name.  It’s the final Harry Potter book.  I started the series years ago and stopped after #3.  (Only because I was borrowing the books from a friend and she didn’t have #4.)  There were plenty of other things to read and I moved on.  Now that #7 – the final book – is out and there’s been so much hype over it… I’m afraid that I’ll hear how it ends before I’ve had the chance to read it.  I’ve carefully avoided all *spoiler* blogs and news articles.  And very quickly caught up.  Well, as quickly as you can read 700+ page books.  I had the same cashier today that sold me #6 a couple of days ago.  He did a double take when he recognized me and started laughing.

I love books that are in series.  (if they’re well written of course)  It’s so hard to fall in love with characters and then have to say goodbye to them.  Most of the time a series will allow you to have enough time with a character that you can say goodbye and not be left hanging or wanting for more. 

There is one series of books that I absolutely loved and I will probably never read again: Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Series.  I started reading SK back in junior high.  His books were so deliciously scary.  I loved that I would pick up a book only to find that there were characters and reference from another story.  The DT series were some of the last books of his that I read.  I am so glad I saved them for last.  I didn’t know how much I was going to enjoy them.  I forget now how many of this other books they incorporated…  something like 25 to 30 other books.  He managed to tie together the majority of his work – including himself as a character.  And the ending.  Oh, the ending.  It’s because of the ending that I don’t think I can bear to read the books again.

I’m wondering how the HP series is going to end.  I can hardly believe she will use the traditional ‘good overcomes evil’ and they all live happily ever after.  But to consider that evil will triumph….  no.  So I think it’s going to be somewhere in between.  Something unexpected.


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