Who are these children and why are they calling me Mom?

I have seen so much growth and change in my kids in the last couple of months.  Some of it has been good and some of it not so good.  I am continually amazed that God has entrusted these creatures into my care.  What was He thinking?!

My eldest daughter was worried about moving across country and not having any friends.  We prayed about it and talked about it and prayed some more.  She made friends before we even moved into our new house.  The girl next door is only a few months younger and is always coming over to play.  How’s that for an answer to prayer!  (seriously, I am so thankful for that)  Now can we move on to praying for her attitude?  She’s already acting like a rebellious teenager.  I thought I had a few more years to prepare myself.  I’ll have to check the rule book but I didn’t think she was allowed to spring this on me quite so early.  It’s not even really me that she’s so lippy with – it’s my husband.  Listening to the two of them whine back and forth drives me crazy.  They both get sent to their rooms!

My son on the other hand is still very polite, humorous and most of the time pretty quiet.  A little too quiet.  Like sneaky quiet.  He has taken to stealing from me.  The first time it happened we were still living in AZ.  He and his big sister stole a couple of packs of gum and proceeded to chew every single piece.  But they couldn’t leave the evidence in the trashcan so they hid it in their bedroom.  Wrappers and sticky gum everywhere.  Gum was henceforth outlawed.  After we moved here he and his accomplice yet again saw fit to help themselves to some chocolate that my hubby bought for me.  This time they were given “hard labor” duty.  Last week my sister sent a package to the kids that included gum.  We talked it over and decided to let the kids all have a piece.  The three-year old deposited her chewed gum in the trash can.  The six-year old put his on the lightswitch and the eight-year old put hers in her jewelry box.  Sigh.  Back to the gum ban.  Yesterday morning my son had gum breath.  He readily admitted to sneaking into our bedroom and going through our drawers until he found the gum.  Sigh. 

 Finally, there’s my youngest daughter.  She regularly pushes the limit.  I don’t know if that’s because she enjoys it or if she’s just trying to be heard above her siblings or she’s trying to keep up with them.  Or maybe it’s all three.  Whatever the reason she certainly keeps us on our toes.  Our biggest ongoing battle with her is convincing her to sleep in her bed.  Or at the very least stay in her room at night.  She’s a nightowl which doesn’t help things at all.  My husband works the nightshift which she thinks entitles her to his side of the bed at night.  I’ve tried every method I can think of to get her to go to bed and STAY in bed.  None of it works.  After 10 or more trips of sending her back to bed each and every night she will usually fall asleep.  But I wake up in the morning to find her sleeping on the floor outside my door or more often than not she’ll sneak into my room during the night and climb into my bed.  The middle of the night Chinese firedrill bed-swapping thing doesn’t bother me as much as the bedtime routine of getting out of bed a zillion times before finally staying put.  I’m seriously considering duct tape.

Aside from these complaints I really do love my children.  But couldn’t they come live with you for awhile?


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