it IS greener here!

I had to do a quick update to yesterday’s bug story…

My husband works with a pest exterminator and last night he described our, um, visitor to his friend.  Turns out that the visitor was a stowaway!  They don’t have those 3 inch palmetto bugs here.  <found out it was a palmetto bug and not a roach>  Now I’m wondering what other sorts of things hitched a ride with us.


I am going to attempt to paint the teeny tiny basement bathroom that no one with use.  Perhaps some fresh paint and cute stamps on the wall will encourage the children to actually consider using it instead of doing the potty dance in the hallway waiting for their turn in the bathroom upstairs.  I can’t say that I blame them… I won’t use it either. 


Now with 33% more action!  Yes, that’s right.  My commentors have increased by a third!  Woot, woot!  Thanks so much for the encouragement and support.  It really does help to know that you all out there are finding me interesting enough to read more than once.  You’re all so pretty.


One response to “it IS greener here!

  • zanne

    we just want our 30 seconds of fame, honey.

    seriously, though, your ‘greener’ post got me thinking. it’s way greener than the desert here, too, but we don’t seem to have many bugs. in the late summer/early fall we do have wasps (down in the grass, too–FREAKY) but that’s about it. what we have, though, are SNAILS. lots and lots and lots of snails. they get stepped on, run over… eeeewwww. but they don’t jump or fly at me, i must say. and they don’t come in the house.

    so far.

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