I finally figured it out

I spent the majority of my life living in the desert.  (Oh, but it’s a dry heat.)  When my parents told me that we were moving from Minnesota to Arizona the only thing I was worried about was that I might have a rattlesnake or tarantula in my bedroom.  I wanted a bedroom similar to a bank vault.  Much to my relief I never found either of those things in my bedroom. 

Once we had made the decision to move to the East-ish coast {really?  this is the east coast?  feels more like the south.}  I began to see it through rose colored glasses.  I mean c’mon…. it’s green, lower cost of living, it’s green, cool older houses, lots of history, it’s green, good education system, oh, and it’s green here.  Why on earth would anyone want to live where it frequently gets over 100 degrees?  The weather’s great here!  Um.  But don’t <smack> mind the flying <smack> bugs.  All that green???  The great weather???  Apparently bugs like that.  Who would’ve known?

At first it was kind of cool:  Look kids it’s a groundhog!  Let’s go catch lightening bugs!  Ladybugs are good luck!  But all too soon it turned into:  Wow!  That’s the biggest bumble bee I’ve ever seen!  It says here that the common house centipede isn’t posionous but it’s bite is extremely painful.  Honey, will you please come kill another “Charlotte” in the basement.  And finally, tonight, from the hallway I heard, “It’s ok babe I got it.  NO!  Don’t look, you don’t want to know.”  <what i didn’t want to know was a three inch cockroach waltzing down the hallway> <where is that bank vault bedroom now?!>

Now I know why people want to live in 120 degree weather.  Because you never find bugs in your oven!


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