I learned something cool this weekend.  It’s tax-free weekend here in Virginia.  Back-to-School items are tax-free.  How awesome is that?  We’ll be doing some school supply shopping tomorrow.   With all that money I’m saving I could buy shoes!  Or a purse!  No, shopping isn’t my weakness.  Why do you ask?

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I like to shop.  The thrill of finding a good deal or finding that perfect [insert just about anything here] is a great high.  I try not to shop when I’m bored or depressed because I know I’ll shop beyond my budget.  But when I have my “fun money” – watch out!  

What I shop for depends on my mood.  Sometimes I like to buy make up.  I don’t wear a lot of it on a daily basis but it’s just so pretty in its neat little jars and compacts.  Other times I search for the ideal purse.  I have so many now that I really need to purge.  I didn’t just say that.  Moving on.  Shoes are always fun.  As are books.  I know, I know.  There’s this great thing called a library where you can get books for free.  But then whatever would I put on the shelves in my home library?!

 I’m lucky that I have a tolerant husband.  He doesn’t mind tagging along on my shopping expeditions.  He’ll hold my purse when I go into the dressing room.  He’ll even try to accompany me in the dressing room.  Ahem.  It’s convenient having him tag along too.  I can get second opinions PLUS have someone to carry my bags!

The only time I really don’t care to shop is when I have all three kids in tow.  That’s just two kids too many.  They become like magnets when they’ve been flipped over.  I can get one kid to stick by me and it repels the other two.  I track down one of those and the other kid zooms off.  It’s useless.

My favorite shopping trips are with my girlfriends.  What can I say?  I think that’s how God intended it.


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