Modern Conveniences

We moved into this great 1950’s era home.  The seller was a realtor who was flipping the house.  She did just enough to spruce up the place but left plenty for the new owners to do to make it their own.  And thus begins our list…

We completely agree on the list of home renovations and even on the order they need to be done.  However, we’re off a little when it comes to home appliances.  This old house does not have a dishwasher.  Nor does it have a microwave.  Both appliances which my husband thinks he cannot live without.  In almost 9 years of marriage I have only seen him get dishpan hands maybe three times.  Dishwashing is just not his thing and for him to fathom that there isn’t a dishwasher to save his poor little hands… 

The microwave I can understand a little better.  It’s convenient and at one time I labeled it The Thing I Could Never Live Without.  Apparently I can.  I’ve actually noticed that we’re eating healthier foods.  I’d like to get a microwave but it’s not at the top of my list quite yet.  I’d rather get a washer and dryer that don’t leave mysterious stains on my clothing.

The whole “can’t live with out a microwave” thing got me thinking.  What items are on my must-have list now?  In no particular order…

 My List:
1.  Neutragena face wash – Bought some on a whim and fell in love
2.  Rembrandts sensitive whitening paste – This is also a new product for me and I’m loving it.
4.  Washer and dryer (see complaint above)
5.  Crockpot – How can you live without one?!  I use mine at least twice a week.  It’s a Sunday favorite!  Nothing like coming home from church and smelling all that good food….
6.  Laptop – I think this one goes without saying.
7.  Books – Ditto.  I inhale books.
8.  Beads – If I’m not straining my eyes reading a book with poor lighting then I’m straining them trying to string beads.
9.  Access to Scripture – I frequently read Scripture online but I prefer to jot down notes in my Bible.
10.  Cellphone – I’m not a big one to actually sit and talk on the phone (although that’s changing with this whole long distance friendship thing) but I like the convenience of it.  It doesn’t hurt that I can play games, take pictures, and listen to music too.

There you have it.  The ten things I can’t live without.  This list will become null and void tomorrow morning when I completely change my mind.


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