Long weekends

I’m fortunate that I get to have a three day weekend with my husband every weekend.  It allows us to reconnect after a long and wonky week.  He’s working nights right now which works out okay.  But it does make for some long tiresome days at times.  By Saturday I am eager to have him back – back into the DAILY schedule of our family.

This weekend we drove out to a beautiful lake and had a picnic, went and checked out a new church, played in the backyard, reorganized stuff and did some much needed shopping.  Our weekends are a much needed breath – not a breath of fresh air, just a big gulping breath.  You see, after we moved here, my usual outgoing gregarious self (shut up, I can pretend) became a wallflower that didn’t dare leave the house.  The only trip I made outside of the house by myself was to drop my mother off at the airport.  That’s at least a month of not going anywhere without my husband or children by my side.  I still don’t know that I’m ready to venture out completely on my own but I am ready to brave the city with my kids in tow. 

They have made instant friends with the neighborhood hooligans.  We frequently have one or five extra bodies running around the yard.  And while they have made friends with the neighbors I have not.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to but since they’re from the Honduras and my college espanol isn’t the greatest….hola is as far as I get.  Anyway, to the point.  I want some friends gosh darn it.  I miss chatting with other mothers while the kids run around.  In the spirit of stepping outside of my comfort zone (see what starting a blog does to you?!) I am going to make it a goal to go with the kids somewhere where we are likely to be in the company of other kids and moms.

I might even get out of the car.


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